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If you could change anything in your life, what would it be?
Do you want to decrease stress? Increase confidence? Unleash your creativity? Manifest the life of your dreams?


I promise you it’s all possible with meditation.

It’s no secret that meditation has long been a tool that offers a host of mental, physical and emotional benefits.

By meditating, you’re training the mind to increase awareness and awareness is the first step toward change.

People who meditate on a regular basis enjoy…

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All these incredible


Reduced Stress Levels

Taking time out each day to reduce stress levels can greatly lower the chances of stress becoming chronic.

Reaching Goals

Meditation helps rewire the neural pathways in the brain to assist you in achieving  your goals with ease.

Emotional Balance

When we are in balance our relationships flouish, health is better and all aspects of life are easier.

Improved Focus

When we become more mindful our focus in the now is intensified and we give so much more in all we do.

Increased Creativity

This time to pause brings inspired thought and creative ideas that can change the course of your life  

And So Much More...

There are so many benefits with meditation. Just 5 to 20 minutes each day can produce rapid results

How it


Maybe you’ve thought about meditating but didn’t know how or where to start. Or maybe you tried and then lost the motivation once you tired of those generic audio files on YouTube and apps that only seek to relax you, but nothing further. With this 10-track soul-boosting meditation album, you’ll be given the tools to start and continue a meditation practice that will change the course of your life. All you have to do is listen and allow your mind to absorb the activation codes that will unlock your inner wisdom and power.

How is this meditation album different?

Due to my training in hypnotherapy, each meditation is loaded with hypnosis techniques that will help rewire and reprogram the brain for greater peace, clarity and success in every aspect of life. Soundtracks are also recorded with theta waves in the background, which facilitate relaxation on a deeper level and help bring your body back into balance—a state conducive to healing.

You can choose to first master the shorter meditations, listening to them daily, before moving on to the longer tracks. Or you can listen to whatever track calls you in the moment based on your needs. Listening long-term will help you create and keep the habit of meditation, a practice that will calm the mind, body and spirit.

Welcome Note..

Hello, I’m Ruth Petralifi

I’m Known as The Soul Activator, a visionary and coach, and i’ve made it my mission to guide leaders and creatives in reaching new heights, finding true balance and fostering confidence in all areas of life.

After recovering from a period of grief and experiencing a self-awakening, I found my true calling as a transformational hypnotherapist, Meditation leader, and coach.

Through my company Exquisitely Enough® I offer individually- tailored coaching, curated personal retreats, and bespoke hypnotic audio creation. I love assisting my clients in accessing their own inner well of wisdom and in learning how to trust their own intuition. 

I created this album to help people navigate the turbulent times of the last two years and to have the tools to guide them on a journey of meditation. 

I really hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed recording it. 

Ruth X

Meet your expert




Track 1: Understanding Your Breath

Understanding and noticing our breath is an important part of daily mindfulness practices. It helps us rejuvenate and oxygenate our bodies as well as relieving us from stress. Use this meditation to help you understand your breath and learn to put a practice of breath mindfulness into your daily life. ( 8 Mins ) 

Track 2: Quick Relief Meditation

A quick meditation designed to help you relax fast during stressful moments and to help you build up your meditation practice so you can confidently begin to increase your meditation time.  ( 7 Mins )

Track 3: Filling Your Cup With Gratitude

This Meditation is designed to help you reach a state of gratitude in your daily life. When we live life in a state of gratitude we open ourselves up to a greater life experience and a wealth of abundance that flows towards us. Changing to a positive mindset is core in how our brains work to help us manifest our desires into reality. ( 10 Mins )

Track 4: Learning To Destress

Use this meditation to help you learn to destress from any stressful situations that may arise. The meditation offers hypnotic suggestion so you can destress even when you are not listening to the audio. Being able to destress quickly and easily will help your over all wellbeing before stress and anxiety can turn chronic. ( 15 Mins )

Track 5: Increasing Motivation

Use this meditation to help you increase your motivation and use the hypnotic suggestions to unblock any limiting beliefs or past emotions that may be standing in your way. When we become more motivated we are able to take action which is a key component in the manifestation process. ( 16 Mins )

Track 6: Increasing Confidence

A Meditation to help you increase confidence with added hypnotic suggestions to help imbed a new way of thinking and keep you feeling calm and confident in many aspects of your life including social situations and public speaking. ( 13 Mins )

Track 7: Quantum Abundance Activation

This is a powerful meditation to the zero point mind, a place where all thoughts can become matter and you have the ability to truly create whatever you desire. The longer you stay in this state the more powerful it can be. This audio is an activation into feeling more abundant and assists in manifestation. ( 15 Mins )

Track 8: Quantum Manifestation Activation

This is a powerful meditation to the zero point mind, a place where all thoughts can become matter and you have the ability to truly create whatever you desire. The longer you stay in this state the more powerful it can be. This meditation focuses the mind and assists in speeding up your manifestations. ( 16 Mins )

Track 9: Simple Sleep Meditation

It is your human right to get a good nights sleep. This is a simple and brief meditation to help clear the mind and prepare you for a nice restful sleep. The meditation works best when you can listen every night for two weeks to help promote sleep even when you’re not listening to the audio. ( 9 Mins )

Track 10: Accessing Your Spirit Guide

“We hold all the answers to every question we ever asked, we just forgot how to listen”. This meditation allows you to access your spirit guides, your inner well of wisdom for support and answers when you need it most. We all have the ability to connect with a greater source, allow yourself the time and space to experience this great wisdom and guidance. ( 14 Mins )

Get the Mastering Meditation for Life Enhancement album for just £27 today and reap the benefits of meditation for a lifetime.

In these 10 tracks, you’ll receive all the tools you need to start changing your life for the better today. You’ll learn techniques to not only ease anxiety, increase confidence and get working on manifesting your goals, but also a method for accessing your spirit guides and inner knowing to help answer the many questions you have in life.

The secret is they are all already within you waiting to be revealed — let me show you how.

Mastering Meditation for Life Enhancement


Usual price £47! But take adavantage of this special price for 10 custom created Meditation tracks.

NB: There are no refunds with this purchase but if you have any issues with your downloads please email and we will assist you.

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How Will I Get My Download?

Once you make a payment through our secure Paypal system you will be redirected to our Thank-you page. Simply click on the listen now button and you will be taken to our google drive folder where the album is hosted. We recommend that you save each file to your device so you can keep the tracks forever. You will also find a track listing document in the folder so you know what each track does. If you have any problems with this please email . Remember all the tracks are trademarked under Exquisitely Enough and should be only for your own use and not distributed. Relax and Enjoy. 


How Quickly Does Meditation Work?

Starting any form of Meditation practice can vastly reduce stress but it is highly recommended to reap the full benefits to start a Meditation routine daily for life. It is also recommended to listen to these audios for at least 3 weeks to allow the hypnotic suggestions to compound and to be able to relax more effortlessly.

I Find It Hard To Relax, Can I Do This?

In the beginning it can feel difficult to switch off. I have created these audios with this in mind. Practice first with the short audios before building up to the longer ones. Set yourself a time each day for meditation where you won’t be disturbed. Follow the instructions and focus on the voice. Whenever thoughts come to you don’t panic, acknowledge them and just blow them away. 

What If I Fall Asleep?

Don’t worry if you fall asleep. Go with how your body feels. Most of the audios are desiged with hypnotic suggestion meaning they work on the subconsious level. If you fall asleep the suggestions will be working. The goal is  if you can, to start to control your mind so it relaxes but you remain awake but sometimes that will take practice. Keep practicing and if you take 5 to 20 minutes each day to destress this will give you many benefits.



I am so happy that I was able to connect with Ruth. She’s helped me enormously in such a short space of time and I feel so much more positive, confident and less anxious about all the pressures that have been going on in my life.

The subconscious weight that has been dragging me down has lifted and I feel lighter and I have a new positive mindset which is changing my life on so many levels.

I really recommend working with Ruth if you are struggling with life right now you won’t regret it.

Thank you Ruth!

Danielle Lloyd

Model and TV Personality

I came to Ruth after suffering severe anxiety symptoms that were creeping up upon me over several months. After our initial call she created a bespoke audio program for me. The hypnosis audio was so enjoyable and I look forward to my daily practice with relish.

What was shocking about the treatment was that I felt an improvement after the very first session, I didn’t expect that at all and within a week most of my anxiety symptoms had improved so much I barely noticed them anymore.

Ruth you are amazing!

Liz Baitson

CEO , High Net Connect

Ruth has an amazing ability to get to the root of any problem and find a tool or solution to help overcome it.

I will always be grateful for my meditation tool that has transformed the way I see relaxation and I will continue to use it for the rest of my life. Whilst working with Ruth I have seen a massive improvement in my ability to be present and live in the moment. I cannot recommend Ruth enough to anyone that needs help reconnecting with themselves and finding a sense of inner calm in their busy lives.

Jo Wood

Virtual Finance Director , Jo Wood Virtual FD

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