Get To Know Me

Im Ruth

Hi, I’m Ruth, unparalleled Empowerment Coach, Visionary and Soul Activator. I’ve made it my mission to guide elite leaders and creatives in reaching new heights of existence, finding true balance and fostering confidence in all areas of life.

I grew up in the pressured world of celebrity, through my dad’s career in the rock and roll industry and my own work within television and theatre, I always felt a deep inadequacy surrounding my dyslexia and inability to “fit in.”. My head was bursting with ideas about the world but I had always been made to feel inadequate when it came to education, I was a visionary and a dreamer and the everyday humdrum just bored me ridged.

As I moved from childhood to teenager, I became self-destructive and hit the London party scene hard in the 1990s. I turned to drugs and alcohol out of a desperate desire for love, attention and worthiness and as an excuse to become the bright colourful person I had always been but kept dulled down.
I was rebelling but was unable to see that I was actually rebelling against myself and self-sabotaging at every opportunity I had out of fear. Every bad decision led me to feel even worse and the pattern would just continue until even the bright fun loving exterior had gone!
Slowly, I began to see behind the veil of glitz and glamour that accompanies the world of celebrity. It’s a coveted lifestyle but one that often masks deep insecurity. I saw how many performers and artists were quietly suffering on the inside, just like I was.
It wasn’t until the day my dad – my idol, my hero—died that I realised I couldn’t go on the way I had been. My soul called out to me to take a respite in order to tap into my highest power and reconnect with the true self that I had never allowed myself to know.
I checked into a hotel in Greece for four days and the person who emerged from that hotel room was entirely different from the one who entered. I was able to unblock years of negative energy from my chakras and a transformational hypnotherapy session allowed me to finally understand the belief system that I had been operating from was deeply flawed and those feelings of never being good enough had stemmed from events from my past as a child and a teenager. I finally understood my purpose and calling and why I had suffered the way I had. It all led me to the place where I could help others who are in exactly the same position I had been in.
I was accepted onto an advanced hypnotherapy course and my journey of self-discovery and the thirst for knowledge of the human condition began. I learned how to break free from the shackles of self-loathing that keep us on self-destructive paths. I learned to harness the power that is the birthright of each and every one of us. I learned how to drown out the noise so I could truly listen to my intuition.
This is all within our reach and is exactly what I will help YOU with in your own life to create more impact, to create a legacy of joy and inner alignment and to be able to pass that knowledge onto those that you love.
When I’m not working with clients you will find me during the summer at our beach hotel in Greece, eating tzatziki and dancing Zembetico, dreaming of trips to space and beyond and looking after my favourite people, my daughter Mary and my husband Mike. I am also a proud cat mum to our rescue cat Rosie. I love life and all the adventures that are yet to be had!

Experience I Hold…

 It’s very important that before you embark on your coaching journey, you find a coach that you find a deep connection with. You will be spending a large amount of time with that person and discussing very private and potentially sensitive information. It’s important that they have the knowledge, experience and tools to assist you in making these deep life changes. 

I like to continually update my knowledge and skills, as you never know what approach will resonate best with each client.

I hold multiple diplomas and accredited certifications in Transformational Hypnotherapy, Quantum Healing, Spiritual Life coaching and Akashic records reading. 

I am an international best selling author for Sacred Rebel- Women Who Dare To Disrupt and a Partner and host at – High Net Connect Marbella creating luxury retreats and events for elite leaders and HNWI to build relationships first and business second in unique and beautiful settings.