Explore With Me

Empowering You To Ignite Your Exquisite Soul

Tapping into your inner power to embrace the changes you so desperately are looking to make isn’t complicated, and I’ve made it my mission to demystify the process. But it takes time, determination and the willingness to put in the work on a daily basis to maintain the flow state of connection between body, mind and spirit.
So, if you’re ready, I’m ready to guide you every step of the way.

It’s Time to Explore Together.

Tailored Empowerment Coaching

What would it actually feel like to live your life with true balance and harmony? To have all the answers to live an abundant and successful life? Do you start the day feeling joyful and fulfilled? What is it that you truly want from life? What is that legacy you want to leave?
Not many of us have answers to these questions nor have we dared to even ask them. Have you ever probed beneath the surface to find out who you truly are underneath the high-powered go-getter that you portray to the world?

Imagine if you could tailor a program to discover the parts of yourself that have been aching to be set free, to discover the path to limitless abundance in all areas of life, to discover what truly lights you up, to discover who you are at soul level.

This is the journey we’ll embark on together. I’ll hold space for you to embrace our discoveries and reflect, which will activate your vision within and empower you to become the leader in your own exquisite life.
My high-touch personalised coaching program is fluid and intuitively designed to meet you exactly where you are at all times. We’ll begin with an initial call to map out exactly what you require, what you desire and what direction you want your life to go in. Then if we are a good fit and if required, I will personally travel to spend the day alongside you holding space and deepening our bond. From there, our work will continue with some of the following: We tailor the support you need.

  • Bespoke one-on-one virtual sessions to empower you to connect to your core and gain clarity and understanding about who you truly are
  • Personal Telegram support and guidance five days a week
  • Powerful hypnosis sessions as required
  • Powerful Bespoke meditation and hypnotherapy audios
  • A private VIP weekend in a location that matches your experiential desires.
  • Opportunity to work with my professional team of healers for a total holistic approach
  • Personal invitation to my Private Retreat Club ‘Luxe Club Retreats’

Each step of the journey will be completely tailored to your individual needs, goals and schedule for a coaching container that is as unique as you are. I will be your facilitator and your guide, I am not a magician or doctor who can wave a wand or dispense a pill and make everything better. It is entirely up to you to do the work and sometimes it’s tough and sometimes rewarding but therein is the path that leads to true awakening and activation of your own divine power.

I am all about experience and through my own learnings of how adventure and travel can lend itself to self discovery no two client experiences are the same. We understand what experiences you require and build a unique program that suits you to empower yourself on the greatest level.

Are you ready for a true transformation?
VIP Curated Private Retreat in Marbella

Self-improvement and personal development can be a fun and rewarding process. When you’re in a relaxed state, you’re able to enjoy each moment. And when you’re enjoying yourself, you’re able to more easily deal with those parts that are holding you back, the parts that you might otherwise be too afraid to take a good hard look at. Now’s the time to finally strip away what is no longer serving you to reveal a fuller, more authentic version of yourself.

A VIP private retreat puts you in the exact state you need to be in to finally listen to your inner voice, learn to trust yourself again and feel empowered to uncover the answers that hold the key to aligning in all areas of life. Isn’t it time you gave that gift to yourself?
The beautiful area of Marbella is my home and I can’t wait to extend an invitation to host you in this paradise setting.

Your private retreat includes:

  • Personal online strategy call when paying your deposit to get clear on your desired outcomes so I can begin to craft your personal retreat
  • 5 nights luxury accommodation in the area of Marbella ( we plan what suits your needs best )
  • All nutritious meals including at some of Marbella’s best restaurants. (Dietary requirements can be catered for in the planning)
  • Complete access to me across 5 days for a mixture of discussion, hypnotherapy, mindfulness and leisure time
  • A plan to take home to guide you in next steps
  • Spa day including a 2 hour massage or treatment in a prestigious 5 star hotel
  • Personal yoga instructor or fitness trainer daily if required
  • Hypnotherapy sessions to shift any blocks that keep you from reaching your true potential and empowerment. We can also look into your past, present and future lives and utilise any techniques we feel appropriate for your own journey
  • A confidante to share your deepest desires and fears with free from judgement
  • Daily bespoke meditations that will help ignite your full potential and rewire neural pathways
  • Distant Pranic Chakra healing with a specialist from my amazing wellness team (virtual)
  • Weather permitting a private boat trip along the beautiful Marbella Coast whilst focusing on your growth and having fun
  • Choose from an array of activities at your fingertips, such as jet skiing, walking the Camino del Ray or wine tasting in Ronda (different activities depending on season )
  • A bespoke hypnosis audio to take home with you to help cement our work together
  • Follow-up support for 2 weeks after departure to help you stay focused and present and implement your newfound empowerment

I offer very limited spots for this type of bespoke and extremely high-touch work. But you can expect nothing less than life-changing results and a completely renewed sense of self that will hold you high as you walk your sovereign path. If you’re waiting for the call from your higher self, this is it.